FMI Capital Plus is a superior service which offers tailor-made and one-stop superior overseas property investment solutions for high-end clients. Our extensive coverage of the overseas property markets in prime cities globally places us in a unique position to assist in cross border real estate investments. We are able to provide a wealth of expertise to those active in the commercial and residential market whether it be for investment, development or owner-occupation needs. With our successful track record and unique insights in the high-barrier overseas local markets, we are able to offer our diverse range of clients the investment full-cycle services from project evaluation, due diligence, deal execution, and on-going asset management. 

Our Service

Market Research Report

Provide clients with preliminary project feasibility analysis, market price research, leasing data analysis, regional economic analysis, urban macroeconomic analysis, product type supply and demand analysis.

Exclusive Project Opportunities

Provide clients with exclusive project opportunities that fulfill their investment requirements. High-quality projects are usually not available to the market in priority. Thanks to our good connections with many sellers, we are able to obtain exclusive information in priority about potential properties for sale as well as exclusive off-site negotiation opportunities, which enable clients to have better returns.


Investment Structuring

Properties with large-scale assets involve a huge amount of money, which require detailed analysis and channel design for capital investment and exit, so that the tax burden can be optimized in the three stages of acquisition, holding and exit. Being familiar with the common investment structuring of the local market and having good relationship with the professional service providers we work with, we can help clients to achieve the desired results at a lower cost.

Professional Trading Team

In addition to negotiating prices for property investment, there are other important stages that are equally critical to the return and success of investment projects, such as responsible building structure experts, tax accountants responsible for implementing tax plans, etc.


Tax Financing Support

Financing leverage is very important for property investment returns. Our company is familiar with many local financing institutions. We can provide relative financing solution suggestions for different situations of clients, and assist in negotiating with the financing institutions.

Refer Local Partners

Introduce suitable local partners for individual business ideas from clients, such as B & B management companies, advertising marketing companies, talent recruitment companies, tax accountants, financing agencies, etc.


Sustainable Asset Optimization

With many years of sales experience, we can provide practical advice for customers' asset positioning and optimization strategies.

Sales & Marketing Solutions

With our large sales team and distribution channels in the Greater China and Southeast Asia regions, we are trusted by clients in the implementation of different ideas




Minamikyuhojicho Budget Hotel
Osaka, Japan
price 0 JPY (asking price)
2-chōme-7-10 Shinsaibashisuj
Osaka, Japan
price 430,000,000 JPY (asking price)
3-chōme-11-11 Ginza
Tokyo, Japan
price 1,850,000,000 JPY (asking price)
Landmark Namba Tsutenkaku
Osaka, Japan
price 500,000,000 JPY (asking price)
7-chōme-12-4 Tsukiji, Chuo City
Tokyo, Japan
price 1,800,000,000 JPY (asking price)
Osaka, Japan
price 198,000,000 JPY (asking price)


Nicky So

Executive Director & Partner

Andy Yiu

Chief Investment Officer